Put the phone down! 

Listening to the rain outside makes me reflect and relax. After speaking to a dear friend of mine today about how the nation is becoming addicted to social media and how it’s affecting us all, I’m keen to hear what you think…
Would you like to leave your phone and social media alone for an hour even a day without feeling like you’re missing out? Could you manage without your phone for a whole weekend? Does your livelihood depend on using and accessing your phone? Do you think you are addicted to social media? What do you think the future holds with regards to being social? Will we communicate less face to face each year? Who thinks social media is social?!

I have an endless list of questions…
I’m keen to hear your opinion because

I am hoping to blog about this topic and interview some of you for a magazine article in 2017. Plus I will be speaking to health experts and wellbeing specialists throughout December. If you want to participate please email me at info@lynchpinmediawales.co.uk
Hygge Retreats is hopefully going to help us (yes that includes me) to disconnect from technology and social media pressure. I more than anyone need to learn how to relax more and appreciate how amazing life is without constantly answering emails, updating my status on both personal and work social media platforms and working silly hours each week.

It’s time to get HYGGE with it !

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