There is something really soothing about choosing a new journal, especially if like me you have one for all sorts of creative projects.

I am a massive book lover and the experience of browsing in bookshops, sometimes spending endless hours in them is pure indulgence. But I simply adore journals!

I have promised myself to dedicate more time each day to write in a journal. Even if there are no words or diagrams or mind maps flowing.  I work on a variety of projects so I have numerous brightly coloured ones dotted about my home… I guess I’m very much a journal addict 

If anything looking at them makes me smile. What’s not to love about them…

Recently I read an article about the benefits of having a journal. If you don’t own one, I really think you should invest in one. Here are some of the benefits I truly believe have helped me since owning a journal:

1. Evokes mindfulness – it calls a wandering mind to attention from passivity to actively engaging with your thoughts

2. Achieving Goals – journaling often includes your dreams and ambitions. Writing down your ideas is simply a statement of commitment. It signals to the brain a level of importance.

3. Emotional Intelligence – which is an ability to manage your emotions and increase self awareness. Journaling is an outlet for processing these emotions and can allow for deeper thought and understanding.

4. Strengthen your self-discipline – setting time to writing in your journal is an act of discipline even just for 10mins a day. A perfect healthy habit.

5. Spark your creativity – some of us struggle to come up with ideas. Allowing yourself to brain dump on an empty page can sometimes trigger the best ideas.

Never feel guilty of taking time out to be at peace, daydream more each day and always have a gorgeous little journal with you!

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