Where would we be without friends? 

This is a blog post dedicated to friends!

I’m writing this post as a promise to my friends Tamzin and Liz as I sit with my double espresso and  Brand Brilliance book (oh if you love branding and are keen to learn more about how to build and enhance your brand – order this book by Fiona Humberstone) on a sunny Sunday morning

It was only as I sat reading through the pages of Brand Brilliance that I caught myself reflecting on a conversation I had last night with best friends enjoying some tapas and fizz on a roof top terrace. 

My friends are beautiful souls and at times quite hilarious but when they get an idea in their heads they don’t let it go, especially when it concerns helping me to go a little slower! (I’m one of those hectic workaholics that luckily can’t call her work work. But I do need to learn to take at least one day off in the week hence my friends bending my ear about slowing down) 

Liz and Tamzin kept highlighting the fact I should try and slow down (I do love being busy!!) but also do something with my free time that would keep me in my happiness bubble. They kept going over and over the fact I’m forever taking photos and that I have a keen eye to catch some amazing moments. 

I guess my point being is that I have had a yearning for as long as I can remember to find a hobby that keeps me calm yet full of excitement. My friends keep saying that this hobby is all around me and staring me in the face…

These 3 words 


For anyone that knows me it’s been a lifelong passion of mine to capture moments and collect memories.  Whether that be in the form of a journal, a scrap book or more recently via Instagram. 

After many a converstaion with both family and friends it’s become evident that I can’t go half a day, some would say an hour, without taking a photo or as I like to say capture a moment. 

So today I’ve promised myself that I will select 50 of my favourite photographs and find a local venue to exhibite them. It’s a promise to my dear friends that I will do this today and I guess writing it down in a blog post on my Hygge Retreats website makes it more real. 

So to my wonderful Hygge friends…

I am going to spend time planning more Hygge Retreats and selecting photographs each Sunday morning. This I hope will keep me away from my brilliant yet relentless Lynchpin work To Do lists for at least a couple of hours
If any of you feel in a similar place to me, where you struggle to dedicate a few hours to doing something you actually love but feel too guilty. May I suggest one thing…

Listen to your best friends, they care about you, love you and most probably know you better than you know yourself. 

Happy Sunday xx

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