How to Hygge…

Hoo Ga!

For those that don’t know what Hygge is or how you say it, well look no further. 

Here is you’re quick fix guide on how to embrace it…

1.CANDLES –  Light your candles and if you don’t have any then invest in some. The choice is endless and our favourite of all time are produced by Sloane Home based in the mesmerising Vale Of Glamorgan. 

What is so delightful about this brand is there are so many Hygge friendly products.

2. PJS – Wear you best comfy pyjamas or loungewear and wear them all day long! Yes you heard correctly this is all about investing time in you and to do that, you need to feel comfortable.

3. FOOD & DRINK – Stock the fridge up with plenty of your favourite delicious foods. Plan a picnic at home. Include a good quality coffee and rich hot chocolate brand. Make sure the fizz is on chill or a cheeky G&T with your friends 

4. BOOK WORM – collect a bundle of your favourite magazines and a page turner of a novel. This is the time where you get the opportunity and the peace to go from cover to cover in one sitting. 

5. FRIENDS – invite your besties over and invite them to stay over if you have the space. Nothing more fun than sharing all the yummy hyggeness chocolates, movies and chit chat than with your mates. Plus the following morning a good coastal walk  for quality fresh air and a grande latte should be on the cards!

6. NAP TIME – enough said just do it! 

7. TUNES – music of all genres is the best tonic to blow away the cobwebs and help you destress. Even if you don’t have a playlist ready why not tune into the radio. With DAB available everywhere these days we are spoilt for choice so blast those classics and dance like no one is watching.

8.BATH & BUBBLES – indulge in a long hot soak with your favourite scented bath salts or oils. Why not take the glass of fizz and your favourite book in with you. This is your time of indulgence so you have the right to do what the hell you like! 

9. GOOD CONVERSATION – where did it go all of a sudden? We humans are social creatures and hiding away from good conversation isn’t good for our souls. Be inquisitive and start new conversations, dare to ask your friends how they are, no how they really are. Even start a new topic of conversation about a subject you don’t know too much about. Live and let learn! 

10. UNPLUG – yes you heard! Do it, switch the phone off for a least 12 little hours. I did it only last Sunday and it felt so liberating. I bet you will surprise yourself on how much you actually enjoy the freedom. More than anything you need to unplug to let Hygge into your space. So I dare you to try it and I also dare you to daydream whilst you are unplugged

There you go just a few little Hygge friendly additions for your day off or weekend with your friends. You have one planned right?! No???

If you find you don’t get the time or the opportunity to ever indulge in such simple pleasures then maybe you need to book onto a Hygge Retreat? 

Dates available in late Nov, Jan and Feb. December could be an additional weekend away if required for a minimum group of 10.

Please do get in contact if you want more information about the Hygge concept, what projects we have planned for 2018 and our Hygge Retreats availability

Oh and don’t forget you’re worth it! 


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