How to Have the Perfect ‘Summer Hygge’

It is often thought that Hygge can only be a winter affair but how about trying a summery, Hygge inspired day?


The first thing on the agenda is to gather your comfiest sheets and blankets -don’t worry you won’t be wrapping yourself up in these! Lay them outside to create the perfect bohemian carpet for everyone to laze around on. Pillows are also a must, even better if you could sacrifice your duvet to make an ultra-Hygge fort. If you happen to be relaxing in the evening it is imperative that you put tea or fairy lights in your garden to give that perfect Hygge ambience.


It’s already difficult to stay comfortable during those hot summer months so how are we expected to stay cool AND cosy? Invest in a glass mug to keep your icy drinks cold in a very Hygge fashion. Make sure you stay in the shade by putting up a parasol for a make-shift roof or you can even go as far to put up a tent (or even better, a tepee!) to keep all of your Hygge-inspired goodies inside. You could also take your Hygge fort down to the beach. The sea can aid the relaxing atmosphere but also be a convenient place to cool off!


Now let’s talk about the phone topic. If you can’t bear to turn off your mobile then pop it on silent or use it to listen to some relaxing background music. It is mostly important to remember to keep away from your e-mails and social media. As we all know it is incredibly easy to get sucked into tying up loose ends regarding work when you initially went to check the time on your phone. Stay present, whether that is with your group of friends or by yourself.


One of the most important parts of Hyyge is the food! In the winter we are all ravenous for those warming stews and hot chocolates but in the summer it’s probably best to reach for a cold indulgence. Perhaps try an abundance of fruit or even make a delicious smokey barbeque, complete with rustic bread and olives. If you have more of a sweet tooth then trying putting bananas or peaches on the barbeque (definitely best served with chocolate and ice-cream!). This reassuring summer treat gives you that feeling you can only get from Hygge.


Appreciate your environment, even if you can only snatch one single Hygge style hour, make sure it counts. Do a spot of tanning if you’ve taken this time in the summer heat, or enjoy the sunset if you’ve decided on a summer evening. Your summery Hygge moments should be spent basking in the lazy heat.


Even though Hygge is famously recognised as a winter trend it can be felt even on the hottest of days with using just a few of these thoughts!

Written by Kath Craig  




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