Hygge styling! 

It can be considered difficult to create a Hygge inspired atmosphere if you’re not dressed for the occasion. Not all of us have the funds to spend on new clothes just to fulfil our Hygge desires so these ideas should provide you with a few affordable ways to fashionably Hygge.

Hygge emphasises that material objects are the least important aspect, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few bits and pieces!


First of all take a step back from your wardrobe and begin recognising the importance of textures. Pick out your knits, woollens and fleeces for that classically comfy aesthetic. Try layering up a silken cami-dress with an oversized, knitted cardigan. Or some light denim mum-jeans and a long sleeved, cotton t-shirt. You want your outfit to be layers of different fabrics. Mix and match your favourite pieces with that almost-ugly, hand knitted (but oh-so comfy) jumper you were given several Christmases ago.


This is the time to be creative! Don’t worry about matching your clothes; if they are comfortable then they are perfect. You want your outfit to be cosy and relaxed, so maybe stay away from your cigarette trousers and leather jacket. Instead opt for leggings, culottes or a soft pair of jeans. These trousers give you the mobility to curl up on the sofa and they also go particularly well with oversized t-shirts and turtleneck jumpers.  


However, if you are one of those people who can’t stand the thought of a mix and match aesthetic then take colours into account, as well as textures. Choose a black, grey and white palette for an effortlessly chic appearance. Match your favourite pair of black leggings with a bralette to show off your silhouette but keep a jumper or cardigan on hand to throw over yourself to stay warm.  


Another significant aspect to consider is the importance of socks, which probably go amiss in most of your everyday outfits. Thick knits are preferred, not only to keep yourself warm but also add a hint of ‘snugness’ to your look. Ugg boots or slippers are also perfect for padding around your Hygge haven.


If you are lacking in comfort clothes (and funds) then consider taking yourself to some charity shops. Grandpa chic has managed to crawl its way into the top trends, so take advantage of this. Thrifting through second-hand goodies may seem dull compared to buying that cashmere jumper from a designer store but persevere and find yourself something special. These pre-loved items have stories and are now coming home with you. Take happiness from the fact that you’re giving to a charity whilst taking home a bargain!


Like most of us, you may not even want to spend your hard earned money on clothes, so what are the options?



Pjs above by Hush

Your most loved outfit will always be that plaid pair of pyjamas you’ve had for years -the legs may be too short and a few buttons missing but who will really notice?- Once you’re sat in front of a crackling fire with a warm mug of tea you’ll be thankful that Hygge is all about comfort rather than the fashion!

 Written by Kath Craig @kathsarahcraig

Selection of photos from @pinterest 



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