Back to school Hygge


It’s that time of year again. The time where summer has disappeared, the kids are going back to school and most of us are rushing around trying to organise everyone but ourselves! So how do you expect to get your Hygge together on the first day of Autumn term?


Even if you only have an hour to spare on a back to school morning you can still take a bit of time to relax and get yourself ready for the day!



Waking up is difficult for the best of us, but waking yourself up and then your kids can seem like the worst of tasks on that first Monday morning back. To make sure you have some time alone wake up half an hour earlier than the children. This is important! Self-care can really make a difference to our busy days and we shouldn’t let the school run get in the way of that. In a short half an hour you can potter downstairs to make a steaming cup of coffee, eat a warming bowl of overnight oats and shower with your favourite ‘Lush’ product –all in peace!


Your Kids

Waking up your children is never a fun task but a few of these tricks could make the waking up process a little smoother. Firstly, try waking them with a calm alarm clock, this may sound strange but waking to calming music rather than a noisy alarm can really change up their attitude in the morning. You could also try making general house noise, whether that be watching ‘Good Morning Britain’ or popping on your favourite CD. These familiar noises can be comforting to wake up to and relieve the stress of an urgent alarm. However, if this doesn’t work, you may need to go and give them a little nudge!


Your Food

Hopefully you will have already eaten yours in the half an hour you had this morning but if not, don’t fret! Make breakfast a fun time, perhaps prepare something the weekend before and keep it in the freezer until the morning. Besides Hygge is all about coming together whilst you eat – not having to pick Shreddies out of your child’s hair because of a breakfast food fight. This could be as simple as making pancakes on a Friday afternoon and freezing them until Monday morning, where they will be ready to warm through again. This really will make a difference to your morning, as a persuasive treat will most definitely bring your kids around to idea of early mornings.


Your Clothes

Put out your clothes and their clothes the night before. Older children can use this step to help them get through their morning with ease and it will probably help you too. This means that getting dressed is a total faff-free chore, as you/they won’t have to think about what to wear in the morning, or where their socks have gone, or that one shoe, or why there’s food on their school jumper, or… well, you get the point!


Your Sanity

Leaving the house can be one of the most difficult aspects of a morning. They never want to go, you’ve promised to drive your best friend’s daughter –who has a convenient back-to-school cold- and your car keys have a done a disappearing act. Breathe and think Hygge! There’s nothing wrong with putting a video on your iPad for them all to watch during the ride or perhaps put a stack of magazines in the back seats for them all to enjoy. This can be their relaxing Hygge time. Having something to tempt them into the car and occupy them during the journey really can make all the difference to the school run!  


Even though the sudden lack of sun and abundance of back-to-school tasks can seem a bit daunting it’s important to remember that Hygge can offer you that little bit of warmth!

Written by Kath Craig 

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