Hygge Gift Guide for Him

As Christmas approaches we’re all guilty of wishing we didn’t have to splash so much cash or get caught up in the Christmas shopping fiasco. Here at Hygge Retreats we are all about giving without giving ourselves a headache! This year’s ‘Christmas Gift Guide for Him’ should give you ten ideas for every type of man (but who are we kidding, I’m sure all of our Hygge lovers would adore any of these gifts!)

Designer Jeans

Jeans are the staple of most people’s wardrobes – and they are perfect for a Hygge evening in or out. Even though this investment piece could seem a little pricey they will last any man for years to come. This present can also be gifted to boys and men across all ages, as I’m sure they’ll be a treat from teen to twilight. This year’s guide recommends a classic pair of Levi’s, as you can get them in any colour and style for a price that won’t have your wallets sobbing.

Cooking Knives

This may sound a little more aggressive than Hygge but having some fancy cooking knives can really make a difference in the kitchen. How about having a quick flick through an Argos catalogue to pick your favourite singular or set? Providing a loved one with spectacular kitchen tools is also great for the people who don’t have space for anymore clutter, as this kitchen accessory isn’t just a need, it’s a must.


Yes, we all have smart phones that can tell the time but what about those nights where Hygge forbids us from being glued to our screens? A wristwatch is lovely way to value those sacred times where you want to stay in the moment but also can be an unbeatable accessory. Daniel Wellington provides a range of classic watches with interchangeable straps and faces to create the perfect look for your partner.

Handmade Gift

Here’s a few DIY ideas for your loved one. If you’re strapped for cash this Christmas then try something a little different like a scrapbook full of memories, a painting or even decorate your house so your partner comes home to a glittering Christmas grotto. You don’t have to get snowed under with all the Christmassy consumerism, the real festive feeling comes from being around friends.


Reading is never going to go out of fashion and this suggestion is for EVERY man, even if they don’t seem like a book worm. For those men who love to read either buy him his next book or get him his favourite novel in hardback. Instead of choosing a word heavy read for those who aren’t so fond of reading, try opting for a picture based book. Even better, choose a book that their favourite film is adapted from as it might motivate them to get between the pages.

Grooming Kit

Even though grooming kits can be bought pre-packaged, you can always gather together some goodies and make your own! A great grooming kit could include some of the following: shaver, nail clippers, scissors, cuticle oil, moisturiser and lip balm. You could pick up these things for cheap on websites like Amazon or put together a luxury kit using brand items.

Personal Coffee Mug

Every man needs a personal coffee mug, especially for their everyday Fika. For the business man this can be a mug that reminds him of home, perhaps get it personalised with his favourite slogan or picture. The adventurous type of man needs a sturdy thermal to take on his strolls and hikes. The drivers in your life need a plastic takeaway cup so he can always slip it in the cup holder whilst always on the road. And lastly the stay-at-home dads need several so that when the kids smash one he will always have a back-up.


A powerbank allows your guy to charge him phone, laptop and tablet wherever he is. Even though this isn’t the most Hygge of gifts it will make their day a lot easier and in turn, hopefully a little more Hygge! There are so many different types of powerbanks on the market but we recommend these affordable little gadgets from Currys.


Ear buds or headphones provide the perfect escape from busy life and give your man a much needed break whilst he’s on the train home from work or walking back from the school run. Even though Hygge reminds us to live in the moment, sometimes we need to put on our favourite song to motivate us for those hectic times in the day.

Hygge Retreat

If you’re fed up of the usual materialistic gifts and trudging round shops and/or the internet then how about giving your loved one an experience? A weekend away means a memory for life, rather than just a quick gift giving session. It also gives your gifted something to look forward to after the festive season is over. If you want to learn more about our retreats then take a look through our site, follow us on Instagram @hyggeretreatswales and join our community on Facebook @HyggeUK.

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