Hygge Gift Guide for Her

Even though we’re all excited to receive the usual gift of flowers, chocolates or jewellery, it is always nice to get something a little more thoughtful. This year’s gift guide focuses on all that is cosy and comfy, with the hope of giving your other half ideas to get you something you’ll be able to use more than once.

Blanket Scarf

Whatever woman you’re buying presents for this year, a blanket scarf can aid her in the wintry months ahead. This accessory is great for throwing in your bag and adding to whatever outfit you’re wearing for much needed coverage. Once indoors she can also use it as a shawl or blanket. ASOS currently carries a wide range of colours but I’m sure you could wander into any store and find one of these versatile pieces!


This is one of the most Hygge presents you can pick up this year and the upside is that YOU can pick the price (Tesco or Yankee?) If you’re stuck for a scent then stick to a ‘fresh linen’ smell, as this is un-intrusive and you can guarantee it will be enjoyed. If you’re a little savvier then take note of the scents that are already in your home by checking out her perfume, shampoo and candles she already owns.

An Evening In

A Hygge evening is doing something that’s simply heartfelt. This could be taking some time to go and buy a Christmas tree and decorate it together, spending an evening cooking her favourite meal or take them for a walk in their favourite spot. This doesn’t need to just be for your sweetheart either; these plans can be made with a cousin you haven’t seen if a while, your mum, grandma or even little sister.


Every woman would be lying if they said they didn’t like to spend the odd duvet day in bed, but what’s the point if you can’t binge on your favourite Netflix show? An Amazon Firestick is a nifty little device that can be plugged USB-style into your television. You can watch all your favourite catch-up channels, download apps and rent movies with a click of a button.

Hot Drink Hamper

This could be hot chocolate, tea, coffee or all three. Your hot drink hamper should include some new mugs, hot chocolate spoons, a variety of new teas and coffee syrups. Your hamper can be completely personalised to the individual by picking a colour scheme, similar tastes or old favourites.

Yoga Course

This can even be given to even the least sporty of women and would be well received by ladies of all ages. A yoga session not only helps someone have some downtime but it is also the perfect excuse for them to go and pick up a hobby which they can cherish for life. Top off the gift with some new workout gear or a yoga mat that can be used at home.

Moleskin notebook

The moleskin collection of diaries and notebooks offers a chic and luxury option to your traditional grubby notebook. The diaries allow someone to plan their yearly and weekly events in an organised manner, whilst the notebooks offer you a lined or blank alternative to scribble down notes, ideas and doodles.


Even though not everyone will enjoy this gift, theones that do will really appreciate it. It’s probably not the best idea to hazard a guess, so best to stick to higher end brands such as Lancome, Benefit and MAC (this will ensure the quality is unbeatable). Next take note of the she usually wears; lipstick? eyeshadow? high-lighter? Once you’ve collected as much information as possible take it to one of the people at the make-up counter so they can help you find the best product for your buck.

Hot Water Bottle

There’s nothing more comforting than a hot water bottle waiting for you in bed –and nothing more Hygge either. This gift can be the main attraction or used as a stocking filler, either way it will be greatly appreciated during the colder months.

Hygge Hen Do

Perhaps you’re buying a present for your fiancé this year? How about gifting her the most flawless hen do with one of Hygge Retreats hen do packages. This consists of a bespoke weekend or evening that combines relaxation and celebration, rather than a rowdy night out or disappointing night in. Our hen do’s hope to please every type of hen, so hop onto our website to pick perfect package for your loved ones.

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