A Survival Guide to Getting Over the January Blues

After the festive season is over, the Christmas decorations have been put away and everyone is back to work you can’t help but begin to wish for warmer climates –after all, who really wants to get back in from work when it’s already dark. This is exactly where Hygge can change your way of living and help you escape the January depression.

Scandi countries are used to cold nights and dark afternoons; the Swedes only seeing 2 hours of sunlight during their winter!

So surely we can make it through the rest of January?

This blog will help you feel inspired to be pro-active during the rest of this month, whilst giving yourself that well-earned and well needed time to recharge after the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

Get Organised

Make use of that 2018 calendar and get organised! This can really make a difference to your weeks as you can see clearly what days you can have all to yourself. It also means you can divide your time however you see fit, rather than having loads of appointments and events jumbled in your head. Getting organised will relax you in the long run and assist in creating that Hygge feeling more often as you won’t have to worry about forgetting dates.

Hygge Retreats recommends bullet journaling –don’t worry, there’ll soon be a whole blog on the benefits of bullet journaling. It’s not only a fantastic way to get great creative but it also keeps you organised in the specific way YOU need to be organised.

Get Healthy

We all feel the pressure when it comes to January with everyone on our Facebook chanting “new year, new me!”, “NO carbs!”, “starting my 2018 diet!” and “hitting the gym!” – YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS!

Eat well (and in a Hygge fashion) with an abundance of whole foods, fresh vegetables and plenty of water. Eating like this means that a small glass of wine or some chocolate in the evening will do you no harm. Take a similar approach to exercise and get your body moving by finding a hobby you love like swimming, yoga or tennis. It’s all about moderation this year!

Get Relaxed

You’ve just fallen through door as you get back from work or picking your kids from their play date. Everyone is freezing but the dinners already on and you’re more than ready to slump in front of the television. But then you feel that pang of guilt; perhaps you should finish off that work? Pack the children’s lunchbox? Call your parents? Write a to-do list? Let your husband have the TV? No! Get in your pyjamas and enjoy a few hours of rubbish television, indulgent chocolates and a hot water bottle –is there really anything more Hygge?

Get Over the January Blues

Getting over the January slump can be a task and a half but the three tips above will keep you ticking along until the spring appears. Hygge isn’t just about the cosy blankets and flickering candles, it also focuses on the importance of wellbeing and avoiding those down days. Just remember that these blues won’t last forever and you’ll soon be in the swing of 2018!

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