Live life with ease

It was whilst I was visiting Copenhagen over New Years Eve that I realised I needed to take some quality time to actually LIVE my life and be present more

Not sure why or how but months seemed to be passing me by like cars on a formula 1 track. With my eldest turning 14 last week I knew I had to change the way I lived my life or always be wondering where the hell my life went! Any change of pace couldn’t be too drastic for busy pants me so I decided to make subtle changes

Although the following experiences in my life weren’t so subtle, they have given me the opportunity to LIVE more in the NOW and I’ve certainly embraced the changes with ease…

  • 2017 was a busy little year which included selling my publishing business, moving from a busy seaside town to a wonderful country village and deciding to rebrand Hygge Retreats – brave and bold moves for a lady who suffered from anxiety two years ago. But that’s another story.

As I focused on how to LIVE my life and be more present, the more I realised it was time to rebrand the retreats business.

There were a few reasons for this but it was mainly due to offering more than just HYGGE on the retreats.

I am a big believer that HYGGE still has a place in my retreats business and we will still host ‘hygge retreat’ weekends. So whether you love it or hate it, the Hygge ethos has made a huge impact on the lives of many. It certainly allowed lots of us to embrace the slower pace of life whilst enjoying guilt free indulgence whether that included a lazy Saturday brunch or a Sunday siesta.

This month I am in the process of rebranding ‘Hygge Retreats’ to ‘EASE’ and this will include launching a selection of Day Retreats at a variety of gorgeous venues.

The main focus will still be offering a place for you to relax and recharge, to escape to but with the option to book onto some creative and inspirational workshops. These will be hosted on day retreats as well as weekend retreats.

I’m honoured to be collaborating with talented experts and together we shall be hosting unique events.

I shall be updating my social media channels with news on where ‘Ease’ Retreats will be hosted with a selection of dates from March 2018. Bespoke packages will be available for corporate group bookings because Ease retreats will be a place for you to reconnect, be inspired and reach your full potential!

Here is an example of some of the day retreats launching in the Spring:

Digital detox with ease

Finance with ease

Saving money with ease

GDPR with ease

Sales for creatives with ease

Style with ease

Interior design with ease

The list is endless including workshops to learn more about writing, journaling, photography, baking, fitness, property development, Pilates, healthy eating, entrepreneurialism plus more.

In the meantime if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me at or 07817628442

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and make sure if all else fails you find the time to LIVE your life with ease!


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